A whole range of services designed especially to make your life easier. Enjoy the experience in Parc Central.


SAC information on establishments and Parc Central services. Claims and suggestions. Packaging of gifts. Service bags for umbrellas. Tourist information.


1000 parking spaces. Bicycle parking. Parking for pregnant women and families. Parking spaces adapted double-wide.

Child Identification Bracelets

By presenting the Parc Central app you can request child identification bracelets at the Customer Service Point so that you can make the most of your stay with your loved ones and all the peace of mind.

Bicycle strollers for children

With the Parc Central App you can access the use of a bicycle stroller to be able to walk through the center in a more fun and pleasant way with the little ones.

Reduced mobility

Wheelchair (read more in the SAC). Adapted lifts. Exclusive adapted bathrooms. Adapted parking spaces double-wide.

Rest areas

Take a break from shopping. Parc Central, we make it easy.

Wifi Zone

In the Central Square you will find WIFI connection for your computer or smartphone.

Mobile load

Find out in the Customer Service (SAC) and charge the battery of your mobile phone.

Car charger

In Parc central we are commited to the enviroment. In our parking, we have an electric car recharge point. Find out how to charge it in the Customer service point (SAC).

Archaeological Remains

Visit the archaeological remains of the underground parking by booking an appointment at the SAC.

Gift wrapping service

With the Parc Central App you can access the gift wrapping service at the customer service point. In addition to the bag and packaging, we will give you all the details so that your gift is the most special.