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Bimba y Lola

The brand created in 2005 and founded by Adolfo Domínguez’s nieces, born with the purpose of satisfying the needs of a woman that doesn’t necessarily follow the fashion dictated trends.

The Spanish brand worldwide known, offers the latest in various lines: purses, accessories, bijouterie, shoes and clothes. Installed in the label of accessible luxury, Bimba y Lola offers quality and design products at an affordable price. Every season the design teams create a collection with history: from the inspiration (that find in their trips, readings and artistic manifestation of many disciplines) to the final product. A brand that characterizes for its irreverent and ironic touch and a marked personality that makes women around the world choose them to differentiate themselves every day.

Discover an intimist, subtle and feminine store. A diaphanous and luminous space, as well as the simplicity of the materials and the absence of ornamentation, it reinforces the clarity of the space and highlights the authenticity of the collections. The hanging busts and the continuous and curve background of the purse exposition created a vision of great scenographic impact.

Don’t wait more for us and get inside the fascinating world of Bimba y Lola in Tarragona!

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