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Curious? Restless? Witty? Naughty? Funny? Yes. All of that and more. That's how the children are and so is Boboli. Because we want to grow with them, explore with them, we want to keep them company in their world's descovery.

From the brand's birth in 1984, in Boboli we haven't stopped investigating, exploring... new tendencies, designs, new markets... We're curious since birth, just like Boboli's children!

Our collections are full of colors, vitality, joy... full of innovation, fun... A unique style for the little ones with the most personality, own and exclusive design: functional fashion, comfortable that accompanies the child through all the phases of their life (from 0 to 16 years). A large collection, with great variety in the fabrics, colors, embroidery, prints... 2 collections per year with 6 lines of product: Newborn, Baby, Kids, Acqua, Soft and Chic that are translated to more than 700 models per season. Discover the color, discover the imagination, discover the adventure, discover the fun... DISCOVER THE WORLD WITH BOBOLI!

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